General Reporting Deadlines

Hospitals must submit a 2014 survey by June 30th to be included in Leapfrog’s first release of 2014 survey results. Those results will be released in late July and will fully replace all 2013 survey results.

At the end of July and monthly thereafter, Leapfrog will update and release results on the fifth business day of the following month based on 2014 surveys (re)submitted by the end of the month. The results can be viewed at

If you complete and submit a survey, or update a survey and re-submit it, by month-end, results for your hospital will be reflected in the next monthly update, based on surveys submitted by the end of the previous month.

Old 2013 surveys (submitted on or before December 31, 2013 can no longer be accessed, are no longer valid, and the results from this survey will not be published at after the results are refreshed at the end of July 2014.

The 2014 survey closes on December 31st. Hospitals that submit a survey by December 31st can return to correct a previously submitted at any time before January 31, 2014. Whenever you submit a new or updated 2013 survey, make sure you print a copy of your Last Submitted Survey (there is a print button on the survey dashboard.) Review the printed document to ensure each section is complete and affirmed. Sections that are complete, but not affirmed, will not be scored. Leapfrog will release updated results by the fifth calendar day of the month following survey (re)submission. Hospitals that do not submit a survey by December 31st, will not be able to submit a survey at all in the month of January.

Leapfrog CPOE Evaluation Tool

For Adult Hospitals Only: If your hospital has submitted a 2013 Leapfrog Hospital Survey and indicated in the section 2 of the survey that it has a CPOE system implemented in at least one unit of the hospital, then Leapfrog asks that your hospital test its CPOE system using the Leapfrog CPOE Evaluation Tool. See the link for the CPOE Evaluation Tool for more details.

Leapfrog Hospital Recognition Program Reporting Deadlines

Any hospital submitting a completed Leapfrog Hospital Survey now meets all the reporting requirements for participation and eligibility in The Leapfrog Group’s Leapfrog Hospital Recognition Program (LHRP). No separate registration, authorizations, or data submissions are needed. To qualify for recognition, a current survey must be submitted by June 30th and an updated survey must be re-submitted between September 1st and December 31st.

For full LHRP details, see:

Looking for Information About Hospital Safety Score Deadlines?

The Leapfrog Hospital Survey and the Hospital Safety Score are distinct programs administered by The Leapfrog Group. Though some measures from the Leapfrog Hospital Survey are used in the Hospital Safety Score, the score also utilizes publicly available data from other data sources. Leapfrog has published important dates associated with April and October updates to the Hospital Safety Score. Please take note of the “Data Snapshot Dates” and other important dates at