The Leapfrog Group evaluates and reports on the safety and quality performance of U.S. hospitals for the benefit of consumers, employers and other health care purchasers. Founded in 2000 by a group of large employers, Leapfrog is deeply committed to increasing transparency among health care providers in order to achieve its goal of reducing the estimated 440,000 annual deaths from unnecessary hospital errors. Since that time, Leapfrog has grown to become the nation’s premier advocate of transparency to galvanize giant leaps forward in quality and safety of care. Data and findings from the Leapfrog Hospital Survey allow purchasers of health care to structure contracts and purchasing toward the highest performing hospitals, while providing consumers with potentially lifesaving information on hospital quality. The biannual Hospital Safety Score, which assigns letter grades to hospitals based on how safe they are for patients, empowers consumers to search for a local ‘A’ hospital for their life-long health care needs.

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