Adult and general hospitals that have CPOE implemented in at least one inpatient unit of the hospital may complete a CPOE Evaluation Tool as part of Section 2 of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Hospitals are advised to print out and read all of the instructions before starting a CPOE Tool.

Hospitals can log in to the Adult Inpatient CPOE Tool by visiting the survey login page, entering your 16-digit security code, and selecting Open CPOE Tool from the dashboard. This button will only be available after completing, affirming, and submitting Section 2 of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey.

Please contact the survey Help Desk with any questions on the above information. Thank you for your participation in the Leapfrog Hospital Survey.

Welcome to the Leapfrog Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Evaluation Tool for adult and general hospitals. The CPOE Evaluation Tool is a remote test for use by hospitals to assess their compliance with The Leapfrog Group’s CPOE patient safety standard. Leapfrog’s CPOE standard requires that hospitals:

  • assure that prescribers enter hospital medication orders via a computer system that includes decision support software to reduce prescribing errors; and
  • demonstrate, via a test, that its inpatient CPOE system can alert physicians to at least 50% of common serious prescribing errors.

The Leapfrog CPOE Evaluation Tool provides hospitals an opportunity to conduct that test.

To complete a CPOE Evaluation, your hospital must first have submitted a 2015 Leapfrog Hospital Survey indicating that CPOE is implemented in at least one inpatient unit of the hospital.

The test is timed and must be completed in six and a half (6.5) hours elapsed time from start to finish.
A test may be taken only once every six (6) months, from the last test that you started, even if you failed to complete that test. IMPORTANT!! Before taking this test:

  • First, print and review a hardcopy of the entire set of instructions and have them available during the test.
  • Complete the abridged “sample test” test included in the instructions before starting an official test.
  • Don’t start a test until you are ready to go through the entire test to completion, i.e., have the time and resources to see the test through to its completion within the allotted time.

What Does the Test Do?

The CPOE Evaluation Tool provides a hospital with a set of patient scenarios, along with a corresponding set of inpatient medication orders, that users enter into their hospital’s CPOE and related clinical systems. Those conducting the test record the warnings or other responses, if any, from their hospital’s CPOE system on an answer sheet, report those results back at via the CPOE Tool website, and receive immediate scoring and feedback summarizing the results of the test. The scenarios and test protocols include potential drug-drug or drug-diagnosis interactions, drug allergies, therapeutic duplication, and dosage errors. (See more details about the tests in the instructions and via the links to the other references available on this page.)

Who Can or Should Take the Test?

The scenarios included in the test are relevant only to adult or general, acute-care, short-term hospital inpatient settings. Test scenarios are available for adult populations only.

A test may only be taken by a hospital that:

  • has already completed and submitted a Leapfrog Hospital Survey for the current survey cycle;
  • completed and affirmed the CPOE section of the survey in that survey submission;


  • indicated in its survey response that a CPOE system, meeting Leapfrog’s criteria, is already operating in at least one inpatient department or area of the hospital.

For credit toward the Leapfrog CPOE standard, adult/general hospitals must complete the Adult Inpatient test for Leapfrog CPOE credit. (See Leapfrog survey scoring criteria in the CPOE Reference Information in Section 2 of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey for further details.)

To complete or update a current Leapfrog Hospital Survey, .

How Does a Hospital Take the Test?

Don’t start a test until you have reviewed all of the instructions and have planned the time and resources to see the test through to its completion within the allotted time. Once you log in, you will be able to select a sample test from the drop-down menu.

Take the Sample Test first as a practice test!

Each test is conducted in five steps:

Step 1 Download and print the test Patient Descriptions, then log out of the test.
Step 2 Set up test patients in your hospital’s clinical and administrative systems.
Step 3 Log back into to the test to download and print the Medication Orders and answer sheet, then log out.
You have 4 hours to complete steps 1-3 above. 
Step 4 Complete order entry as directed, and record the advice and information your hospital’s CPOE system provides to the prescriber on the answer sheet.
Step 5 Log back into the test to complete and submit the answer sheet, and receive immediate scoring and feedback report.
You have 2.5 hours to complete steps 4-5 above. 


The Sample Test includes just five patients and six orders.

Results of each test taken are archived and you can view scored results for each test taken in the past. View this information by logging onto your hospital’s survey using your 16-digit security code.

How Will the Results Be Used?

Scored results from the CPOE Evaluation Tool test will be combined with a hospital’s CPOE implementation status to determine its overall score on the CPOE standard. The testing of a hospital’s CPOE system against the Leapfrog CPOE Evaluation Tool is a key part of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey and all survey timelines apply to the CPOE Evaluation Tool as well.

To understand how the CPOE Evaluation results are scored, see Understanding Test Results. To see how those test results factor into a hospital’s overall score in survey results, as publicly released by The Leafprog Group, see the CPOE Reference Information in Section 2 of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey.