2015 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Materials

Please download and review the survey materials provided on this page before you begin. The materials on this page contain all the information you and your hospital need to successfully complete the Leapfrog Hospital Survey online. Please read the survey and survey instructions carefully before you begin. Leapfrog has updated and reformatted the hard copy of the survey so that it now includes the reference materials (e.g., measure specifications and FAQs) in addition to the survey questions. Do not finalize your responses to the survey until you have carefully reviewed the measure specifications, which follow the survey questions in the hard copy of the survey available below.

Download a Hard Copy of the Survey

The hard copy of the survey contains important information that you will need to accurately respond to the survey questions and can be used to collect the information you will need to complete the online survey tool. The questions in the hard copy of the survey match the online survey tool exactly, so responses can be recorded on the hard copy of the survey and then entered into the online survey tool. The hard copy of the survey includes:

  • survey questions;
  • reporting periods;
  • end notes;
  • instructions;
  • specifications for volume, process, outcomes and resource utilization measures;
  • references to publicly-reported risk-adjusted mortality outcomes data;
  • frequently asked questions;
  • notices of changes made to the survey or any of the reference information since initial survey release on 4/1/2015
  • updated release of the survey issued on 5/21/2015

Survey Scoring Algorithms

The Scoring Algorithms document contains the algorithms used by Leapfrog to score survey responses and publicly report survey results at www.LeapfrogGroup.org/cp.

Other Supporting Materials

The following documents provide critical information that you will need to complete the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Please review each document carefully before you begin.

Support for Section 3: Survival Predictors

Support for Section 4: Maternity Care

Hospitals can download the Case Selection Worksheet to help report the appropriate numerator and denominator for Section 4A, Early Elective Deliveries, and Section 4B, Cesarean Sections.  In addition, the Vermont Oxford Network (VON) has provided Leapfrog with guidance for VON participating hospitals to report to Leapfrog on High Risk Deliveries in Section 4E.

Support for Section 6: Leapfrog Safe Practices Score (SPS)

Hospitals should download a copy of the full report of the National Quality Forum’s Safe Practices for Better Healthcare 2010 Update: A Consensus Report if you don’t already have one; it is needed to complete Section 6 of the survey. The document (PDF) can be downloaded free of charge at the link below.

Support for Section 7: Hospital-Acquired Infections and Conditions

Resources include: SIR Calculator for CLABSI and CAUTI – please see both tabs in the workbook; and CC/MCC Codes to identify hospital-acquired injuries.

Support for Section 9: LOS for Common Acute Conditions

Resources include: list of CC codes for LOS Risk Factors; Geometric Mean Tool to compute the geometric mean length of stay for the AMI, Heart Failure, and Pneumonia; and detailed LOS scoring algorithm.

Leapfrog’s Multi-Hospital System/Multi-Campus Hospital Reporting Policy

The Leapfrog Group requires multi-campus hospitals to report separately to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, even if they share a Medicare Provider Number. If your hospital has more than one location, please review Leapfrog’s Policy for guidelines on how to respond to the Survey.